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Limited Offer: Father’s Day Combo

Large Frying Pan & “Let’s Meet In Paradise, A Food Journey” Cookbook
Order this combo by Tuesday, 15 June to receive it in time for Father’s Day! (SA Only / International shipping may take longer)

Limited to 50 units.



  • 27.5 cm diameter with a 23 cm concave handle with forged texture to fit the hand comfortably.
  • 4mm steel prevents a hot spot on the pan base.
  • Can be used in the oven.
  • Ideal for frying eggs, steaks, chops and vegetables.
  • All the pans are heat treated with beeswax that penetrates the steel, creating an almost non-stick layer.
  • If maintained properly it will be naturally non-stick.



Let’s Meet In Paradise, A food journey is a cookbook like no other. Not only does it include the most delicious collection of recipes that are easy to make whether you’re a whizz in the kitchen or not, it also documents the cultural experience of the author in 11 countries around the world.


The book explores the link between each country’s unique cuisine, histories and beliefs, and the rich tastes and textures of ingredients. Authors Diane and Christoph Heierli describe the book as, “The lovechild of a couple of crazy adventurers and the food that was consumed along the way.


The recipes included are personal interpretations of a few of the dishes from each of the countries that the couple was lucky enough to taste and fall in love with, and then return to recreate in their kitchen and studio in Cape Town. Diane says, “They have been tweaked to add a personal touch or adapted as a result of availability of ingredients. I like to focus on just a few, simple recipes, creating dishes we can all make at home.”

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